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“The feedback collected from the Hotjar Survey gave us enough confidence to begin designing the new page template. Ultimately, we saw a 10% uplift in conversions”
Eric Peters
Increased conversions by 10%
“We send out surveys to every single churned user and probably get a few insights every single day.”
Luke Calton
Surveyed over 1,000 churned users
“The information gathered from surveys helped us make substantial changes that resulted in a +491% increase in email CTR and a +49% conversion rate increase for our landing pages.”
Dave Powell
Grew conversion rate by 49%
“We use Hotjar Surveys to see how satisfied our customers are with our products, and we report the larger trends.”
Anna Zajac
Surveyed over 10,000 users
“Through surveys we learned the registration form was cumbersome and contained too many fields. Users were leaving throughout this process, abandoning their purchase.”
Dmytro Kukuruza
Increased revenue per user by 11.46%

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