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Hotjar Surveys

Hotjar Surveys

How well do you understand your prospects and customers?

Build your own responsive surveys, share them via link or email, and collect insights into what your customers think about and need from you.

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Create easy to use, cross-device surveys

A good survey helps you get clear insights and business-critical information about your customers such as what drives them to your website, what they like, what they don't like (and why).

With the ability to specify which device and URL your survey will show on, you can use Hotjar Surveys to collect information and tailor your website, products, landing pages, and/or messaging to improve the user experience and (ultimately) maximize conversions.

Multiple questions and answer types

Here are some of the answer formats you can choose from the Hotjar Survey tool that will allow you to tailor your requests for feedback to the right stage in the buyer's journey and in the right context:

  • Long text answers

  • Short text answers

  • Radio buttons

  • Checkboxes

  • Net Promoter Score

Visualize results per question in the form of tables, charts or word clouds

With an easy-to-absorb dashboard, you get a good overview of what your customers think.

Dig deeper into the qualitative data to analyze answers and discover trends that will supplement the insight you can capture through other traditional analytics tools.

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