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Go beyond traditional analytics & understand theĀ real behaviorĀ of your website users

See how people interact with your site, investigate how they experience problems or issues, and give context to traditional web analytics data.

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3 common ecommerce bounce rate FAQs


Visualize user behavior

Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site.

See what elements users are drawn towards, and the parts they completely miss.

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Click, tap & scroll

HeatmapsĀ give you an aggregate of engagement across your website pages and can be split by clicks, taps, and scrolling behaviorā€”allowing you to quickly see things like the average drop-off point on your blog posts or what your users expected to be clickable during checkout.

Visualize visitor behavior with heatmap tracking and identify areas of weakness orĀ opportunities in layout and content hierarchy by device type.

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Despite all the tools we used to measure traffic, such as Google Analytics, we didnā€™t really know what our users were doing on our website or how they were using our online tool. Our goal was to start optimizing based on data, not assumptionsā€”but we felt like we didnā€™t have enough information to make our process shorter and more efficient.
Gabriela Popa
Content Marketing Specialist

#2 Before and after a website redesign or launch

AĀ website redesignĀ can have a huge impact on your business: a well-executed job can lift conversions significantly, but a poorly executed one could actually tank traffic and conversions in just a few hours after launch. If youā€™re approaching the release of major changes to your site,

šŸ“ˆ Use Google Analytics:

  • Before a redesign, to identify pages that you need to handle with extreme care (you can follow this research process)

  • After a redesign, to monitor and compare performance

šŸ”„ Use Hotjar:

  • Before a redesign, to understand how visitors behave on individual pages and throughout the journey

  • Before a redesign, to get user feedback on what works and what people would like to see improved

  • After launching changes, to identify bugs or issues that can impact your visitors (something you will never be able to diagnose with analytics alone)

  • After launching changes, to collect and compare feedback on the updated experience