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Customer-centric growth: How Canyon Bikes cultivates a UX mindset

Do you want to know how to drive growth with a customer-centric approach?

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Achieving demo request goals in 2024: best practices

Do you want to know how your demo request form is converting?

Future-proof your marketing funnel with growth experiments

Keep your pipeline strong with even better growth experiments you can tap into across the entire marketing marketing funnel.

Your users’ journey, redefined: inside the Hotjar-AB Tasty integration

Learn new ways to amplify user experiences, identify friction and problems on your site and test solutions fast!

SEO trends and triumphs: a look back at 2023 and what to expect in 2024

Not only has Google announced several updates throughout the year, but the easy access to AI tools like ChatGPT and changes in user and search behaviors forced businesses to adapt their SEO and content strategies to maintain their authority and reach their goals.

How to craft a high-converting website with HubSpot and Hotjar

Your website remains a crucial business tool, but did you know that only 15% of websites attract over 100,000 unique monthly visitors? Don't miss out on the opportunity to convert more visitors and boost your business success!

Now you're talking: user interviews made easy

User interviews are ideal for digging deeper into the thoughts and feelings behind your users' behavior. Learn the strategies and tools we use to make user interviews super easy – for everyone.

The current state of UX research: how to make an impact now

UX research is a section of the industry that's been hit hard with layoffs. Articles talk about focusing on the wrong research, unlocking the value of research, or measuring its impact in order to counteract this trend. But what does this mean and how can you make an impact now?

Product-led growth: a guide for marketing and product teams

Product-led growth (PLG) is a hot topic in SaaS right now. Multiple high-profile success stories mean many companies are either exploring PLG or have it on their roadmap.

How to use AI to augment your UX design and maintain the human touch

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed our lives, from how we work to our daily interactions. So Hotjar invited Ioana Teleanu, a distinguished UX design expert, to speak at an insightful and exciting webinar, where she dived into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its implications for UX design, elucidating the challenges, opportunities, and best practices.

Uncover why your customers ‘truly’ buy

On your mark, get set, whoever gets closer to the customer wins! Join Katelyn Bourgoin, CEO and Lead Trainer at Customer Camp, on June 21 at 6pm CET / noon EST. She'll show you how to get inside your customers’ heads to figure out what makes them tick, click, and buy in this engaging session.

Boost your conversions: pro tips from Hotjar Partners

Hotjar Partners share real-life examples of conversion roadblocks and tips to solve them and improve your conversion rates.

Everything you wanted to know about filters

Learn how to filter your data like a pro, finding all the information needed to make a impact on your campaign, product, or KPIs.

Introducing Hotjar AI: your new research assistant

Meet Hotjar AI, your new assistant that handles all the legwork of writing surveys, analyzing the responses, and figuring out what to do next. On Thursday, June 15th, at 4pm CET / 10am EST, we’ll have a fireside chat with our CEO, Mohannad Ali, about Hotjar AI and how AI technologies will revolutionize the digital experience insights space.

What your customer wants and can't tell you

How can you take your business strategy to the next level? The secret lies in understanding your customers better. Enter behavioral economics—a game-changing discipline that helps you catapult your business to success.🚀

Hotjar’s webinar with Melina Palmer delves into how combining behavioral economics with your business strategy can unlock unimaginable potential.

9 ways to grow your audience with organic content that converts

Want a content plan that consistently captures, converts, and captivates? Hotjar’s Sean Potter will walk you through 9 ways to grow your audience with organic content that converts.

7 tips from behavioral science to increase your conversions

Phill Agnew, host of the UK’s top marketing podcast Nudge and Senior Product Marketer at Buffer, talks us through the tools we can use to take our marketing from meh to mesmerizing—with science!

Building systems for UX improvements

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this training is tailor-made for all skill levels. Learn how you can elevate and find new ways to improve your user experience with Hotjar.

What’s new with the Hotjar Partner Program, including co-selling support

Tune in to hear from our Director of Sales, Partner Program Lead, and Partner Manager.

Hotjar Certifications: Foundations Level 1

Ready to get Hotjar-certified? Join the Customer Education team for live training where you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with Hotjar tools.

Hotjar Certifications: Levels 2&3

Join our live training to learn how to get Hotjar-certified and earn your LinkedIn badge.