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Customer-centric growth: How Canyon Bikes cultivates a UX mindset

Do you want to know how to drive growth with a customer-centric approach?

Last updated

5 Mar 2024

Reading time

2 min


Picking up where she left off at HOTSAUCE—Hotjar’s 2023 conference for digital experts and enthusiasts in NYC—Sarah Wilson-Reissmann is back. This time around she’ll pull back the curtain to reveal the exact tactics and formulas Canyon implements to achieve user-centered success.  

Join our webinar on March 19 with Canyon Bicycles’ UX Design Team Lead Sarah Wilson-Reissmann and Hotjar's Senior Content Designer Jess Ashworth to find out what more you can do to boost customer-centric growth—from launching user surveys to analyzing heatmaps, and everything in between. 

Walk away from this event understanding

  • Why is prioritizing the user experience crucial for driving growth?

  • What strategies does the world’s largest D2C bicycle company use to foster a UX mindset?

  • How can UX principles be practically integrated into business practices?

  • What are the capabilities of user research tools in monitoring user interactions, navigation patterns, and engagement metrics?

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About the speakers

Sarah Wilson-Reissmann, UX Design Team Lead, Canyon Bicycles

In her first week at Canyon Bicycles, Sarah was tasked with redesigning the navigation of the world's biggest D2C bicycle brand. Since then, she's championed core principles of UX to help millions of global customers find the perfect bike. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Sarah is a gravel cyclist, mom, fermenter of foods, and UX expert (although not necessarily in that order). Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn.

Jess Ashworth, Senior Content Designer, Hotjar

Jess Ashworth serves as the Senior Content Designer at Hotjar, specializing in the suite’s Ask and Engage products. She’s passionate about designing content that effortlessly guides users into completing their jobs to be done. She’s also a huge advocate for using plain language, building inclusive experiences, and keeping things simple. Originally from Bristol, UK, she now proudly calls Barcelona her home and enjoys ceramics, swimming, and thrifting in her spare time. Connect with Jess on LinkedIn.

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Secure your spot now for this live session with Sarah and Jess. You'll walk away with a better understanding of how to adopt a UX mindset for exponential growth. See you on March 19 at 11 am EST / 5 pm CET.