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The current state of UX research: how to make an impact now

UX research is a section of the industry that's been hit hard with layoffs. Articles talk about focusing on the wrong research, unlocking the value of research, or measuring its impact in order to counteract this trend. But what does this mean and how can you make an impact now?

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25 Aug 2023

Join Paula Herrera, UX Research Team Lead at Hotjar, and Jennifer Dorman, Head of User Insights at Babbel for our September live virtual event.

They'll be sharing their experiences in an interactive session—designed to keep the conversation going about what UX research means for us all today and how you can make an impact now.

Join us for a conversation that will cover:

  • What type of research should research teams do (and not do)

  • How should you perform research to unlock value?

  • What should research teams focus on to unlock value (beyond primary research)

  • Have we gone too far with the democratization of research?

Bring your questions and get ready for a lively discussion!

Join the live conversation 🙌

You're invited to a special interactive session about the current state of UX research and how you can make an impact now. Join us on Wednesday, September 20 at 6 pm CET / noon EST.