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The easiest way to know what your users need is to ask them

Feedback gives you a glimpse inside your users’ minds, so you can use the information to improve their experience (and grow conversions).

Over 402 million survey responses collected via Hotjar

Collect website feedback = grow your business

Why are people abandoning your site? What were they looking for and could not find? And what do they really love about it?

Website feedback tools help you answer these and many other questions about your users and customers and their experience—so you can improve it and grow your business as a result.

Hotjar Surveys: when you want to learn about your website users

You can place a survey across your entire site or trigger it so it only pops up on specific pages and/or after specific actions.

Surveys will help you understand who your visitors are and what drove them to your site; you can also use them to measure the satisfaction of your customers, or how easy/difficult it was for them to complete an action.

Hotjar Incoming Feedback: when you need in-the-moment feedback

A website feedback widget is a button that sits at the edge of a page: when people click it, they can rate their experience and give additional context; with Hotjar's Incoming Feedback, they can even attach a screenshot of the page element they loved/hated.

Feedback widgets are an easy way to be constantly listening to your customers: you can think of them as the ultimate empathy tool.

When you're looking for more detailed customer answers

Surveys that you can email your users or customers aren't technically a website feedback tool, but you can certainly use one to understand people’s thoughts about your website.

Surveys let you ask several questions at once, mixing quantitative and qualitative, and give your customers more time and space to type their answers.

Feedback dashboard in Hotjar: choose and create your questions

Ask short or long open-ended questions, have quick yes or no answers or rating scales, and collect emails for validation. If you don’t know what to start asking, Hotjar helps you get inspiration from our drag-and-drop question bank.

Customize to your brand style

From the Hotjar dashboard you can customize Incoming Feedback, and Surveys to match the style and personality of your brand.

Track progress

All feedback that has a numerical quality (for example, a Net Promoter Score survey or a question that presents a 1-to-5 rating scale option) will be displayed through graphs and bar charts in your dashboard, so you can track and manage your progress.

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