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Our venue in Malta: Villa Rosa

The XAwards 2017 winning teams

Best Overall Experience - €20,000

xawards best experience award

To our judging panel, what makes a digital experience “the best” is the ability to have a significant impact on the lives of its users, deliver value quickly and reliably, generate ‘wow’ moments, and have a flawless execution. Based on these criteria, the prize for Best Overall Experience went to the French team behind Crisp, an all-in-one chat solution for quick and efficient communication with users.

Best Tech Achievement - €5,000

xawards best achievement award

To award Best Tech Achievement, the judging panel considered the size of the technical challenges faced by teams, the technology stack used, and the use of an innovative or proprietary approach. The award went to the Polish creators of RealEye.io, an eye-tracking service that aims to help make usability studies more affordable and popular by replacing expensive hardware with basic laptop webcams.

Best Mobile App Experience - €5,000


For the Best Mobile App Experience award, the judges looked at how relevant, unique and innovative the experience is to the mobile app platform. The prize went to the French team behind SoundR, a free music-discovery app that promises to help people find music that suits their mood and tastes.

All finalists received a free 2-year Hotjar Business account and €200 off tickets to SaaStock 2017. Crisp were also offered a startup sponsorship package to SaaStock worth €5000.


David Darmanin, Hotjar CEO & founder and one of three judges on the panel, explains that: 

9 talks + a startup guide based on the XAwards

After the XAwards, we took all the materials from the event, interviewed a few extra experts people, did a lot of additional research, and package it all into a 9-chapter Essential guide to growing your early-stage SaaS startup. If you own a digital business or are thinking about starting one, you’ll get valuable and actionable advice from on topics such as:

  • When to think about funding and investment
  • Pricing your product or service strategically
  • Finding and approaching influencers (think ProductHunt) to gain exposure
  • Implementing Agile processes in your business
  • Building and maintaining a remote team
  • Shaping your product roadmap using customer feedback

Enjoy learning and growing… and in the meantime, watch some drone footage from our amazing venue!

If you were at the XAwards (or watched the live feed), leave us a comment and tell us about your experience!

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