...curious about Hotjar? We can help.

Discover how Hotjar helps 900,000 organizations across the world—and what sets our tool apart.

...curious about Hotjar? We can help.

Discover how Hotjar helps 900,000 organizations across the world—and what sets our tool apart.

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Hotjar is the right choice for you when you need:


You want to use heatmaps and session recordings to see what people actually do on your website.


You need real insight about what’s driving or stopping users, and can’t wait weeks to get it: you just want to sign up, get in, and start using a tool quickly.


You don’t have hours to waste learning a complex tool or training your team before they get it.


You want to collaborate with your team and impress your managers with concrete visual proof that what you’re doing is working.

Proof points

When things aren’t working, you want to have reliable data to back up your requests for change.


You’re after a tool that is affordable so it won’t raise any eyebrows from corporate and take months to get approved.


You’re also after a service that is GDPR-ready and won’t get you into trouble with legal/compliance.

Great support

You want a customer support team that has your back and is ready to help whenever you have a question or problem.

But that’s not all Hotjar does:

Hotjar tools like heatmaps and recordings are great in isolation, but they become way more powerful when you combine them with user feedback—so you can ask your users why they are behaving the way they do and understand the context behind their actions as a result.

Here's how it works

Hotjar is an intuitive, visual way to discover, consolidate, and communicate user needs.


Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site. With this context, you'll learn how users really behave. Learn more


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