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How HeyOrca used Hotjar to increase visibility, fix bugs, and delight their customers

HeyOrca is a social media planning and approval tool that allows marketing agencies, consultants, and their clients to seamlessly plan and approve content in their upcoming social media calendar.

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24 Mar 2023

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Quite early in the process of improving our product design and user experience, it became clear to us that we needed a better way to visualize and measure customer satisfaction and user engagement. Basically, we were tracking feedback and engagement in email threads and Google Docs and it simply wasn’t scaling with our growing customer base. We needed a tool to help us make sense of our customer feedback and translate it into a more digestible format. We had all this data and didn’t really know what to “do” with it.

How Hotjar Helped

We first found out about Hotjar after a colleague told us about it who described it as an application that could help us “improve our conversion rate as well as our user experience.” So, we gave it a try and couldn't be more pleased with the results. Hotjar has been particularly helpful to us in the assessing our UX and gave us the ability to literally watch how our customers interact with our app and adjust our site elements accordingly.

It’s been a huge win for us.

The biggest win came just two days after beginning to monitor recordings as we were able to identify an elusive bug that had been causing us headaches for over a month and fix it.
Jacob Pitcher
Customer Experience


After reviewing several customer recordings, we discovered multiple areas for improvement and gained much better visibility into how customers are using our app.

I feel confident that Hotjar will be an integral part of our customer success team at HeyOrca going forward. Since implementing some of the UX improvements and bug fixes that were discovered through Hotjar, the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey functionality has also been put to good use.

So, when we asked our users what they thought of our site and product (through the Survey tool) after we’d implemented some UX changes and fixes, we got a lot of great positive feedback, a NPS score of 54, and a 65% “Promoter” classification among our users!

Thanks, Hotjar!

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