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How Vimcar grew leads by 24% and boosted traffic by 2.5x

Anna—head of acquisition at Vimcar—uses Hotjar to fix problems and grow leads. In her own words, “Hotjar makes it faster to optimize our conversion rates. It lets us stop guessing".

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Last updated

24 Mar 2023

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Losing page views and leads after website rebranding

As Germany’s leading fleet management software, Vimcar was growing fast. Their regional websites for Germany and the UK needed rebranding to keep up with their growing list of products and features.

But redesigning for their live audience had a drawback—Vimcar was worried the changes would disrupt the flow of their funnels and temporarily reduce page views, leads, and sales.

Head of Acquisition, Anna Grünanger, had her eye on the analytics during the transition, hoping to correct any issues quickly. She says:

“We knew the relaunch would have an impact on our conversion rate. We saw, especially with the UK website, that customers could no longer find what they were looking for.”

Anna Grunanger, Head of Acquisition, Vimcar

Anna and her team suspected that the site’s heavy focus on product and features might be making it harder for her users to book a demo and get started. They wanted to make the experience more customer-centric but needed hard data to see exactly what elements to change.

“What we really wanted was to see how far visitors actually scrolled down, and how many interacted with each key message and module,” she explains.

Making guesses and A/B testing them was an option. But it was a slow process. Unlike B2C ecommerce sites, Vimcar received a slower pace of traffic from its B2B customers. It could take up to three months for Anna’s team to get enough data to act. They needed solutions in place right away.

“We need to respond early on if something's not working. Until we fix it, our funnel will generate fewer leads, which means fewer potential customers for our sales team.”

To help Vimcar quickly resolve the issues that were impacting their rebranded sites and recover key performance indicators (KPIs), Anna and her team needed to:

  1. Visualize where customers were getting lost in the new brand

  2. Understand how they were trying to interact with the modules on the new sites

  3. Validate their conclusions and optimize the new websites quickly

So, they turned to Hotjar.

“Hotjar makes it faster to optimize our conversion rates. It lets us stop guessing and actually see how the customer interacts with our website. We can find solutions, fix problems, and get more leads for our sales team,” Anna says.

It only took Anna and her team a few minutes to install Hotjar and start getting results.

Seeing what visitors really do on the website

With Hotjar’s features to capture and visualize user behavior on the website, Anna and her team were able to quickly implement user-friendly fixes and get leads flowing again.

Heatmaps help visualize user behavior

With a color-coded map showing where users were clicking, moving, and scrolling, the team could instantly see what buttons their customers missed and what objects they clicked instead.

This led to a very quick win.

“We had images on our product pages, and copy with text links below them. We saw that most customers clicked on the images instead of the text, so we made the images clickable.” Anna says.

Scroll maps show what’s getting ignored

Thanks to the scroll analysis, it only took a couple of days for Anna’s team to identify and correct a major break in the funnel.

Anna explains, “The scroll map showed that on mobile, 75% of users didn't see our main CTA. We moved it above the fold and saw an immediate increase in users landing on our key pages.”

Recordings help confirm your hypothesis

With a live playback of individual users’ movements and clicks, Anna’s team got additional detail to clarify muddled issues.

She says, “When we’re not entirely sure what’s going on, we use the recordings to see exactly what users are doing. Sometimes we also use the survey feature to get customer feedback.”

With Hotjar’s heatmaps and analytics, the team can also monitor the entire website and optimize new changes without delay.

“We put Hotjar on all our pages. If our conversion rate drops after a change, our Heatmaps help us identify and solve the issue. Hotjar has helped define our website strategy and make the experience even better for our customers,” Anna says.

With the many different tools that marketers use these days to track and optimize funnels, Anna’s team appreciates the all-in-one capabilities of Hotjar.

“Hotjar offers so many different features, and they work well. We don’t have to keep track of data from two or three tools to understand how users behave on our site.”

Conversions recovered and outperformed the old designs 92% faster than through A/B testing

With the ability to analyze a relatively slow flow of user data, Anna and her team quickly repaired issues on their rebranded websites and got them back to generating leads.

Anna says, “With Hotjar, we usually have enough data within a week to make a fix. Whereas with A/B testing, it would take up to three months to validate our hypothesis.”

This efficiency increases profits by letting the marketing teamwork on more PPC campaigns and complete other website projects.

Quicker fixes also mean a better experience for Vimcar’s customers and improvements in KPIs.

Anna says, "After using Hotjar to optimize our German and UK website rebrands, we saw a 2.5x increase in traffic to our most important pages, which led to a 24% increase in our leads. That's something we're really proud of.”

With more customers navigating successfully through the website funnel, Vimcar trusts Hotjar to bring them insights that make an impact.

“Hotjar is a tool we use on a daily basis. We install it on every new page we create, whether it’s a PPC landing page, a new website, or a page we’re A/B testing,” Anna says.

Knowing how arduous it would be to work without Hotjar, running user tests manually, trying to compile all the data, and optimize the website with trial and error, Anna and her team have never looked back.

“We immediately see where the customers click, what they've seen, and how they're interacting with the page. We’re super happy with Hotjar because it offers everything we need in one tool. The results are excellent and I would highly recommend it.”

Anna diagnoses issues on her websites in minutes.

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