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Hotjar with Optimizely

Hotjar’s Optimizely integration takes your A/B and multivariate testing to the next level, giving you the information you need to make effective product decisions.

Get deeper insights from your A/B testing to optimize your users’ experience

A/B and multivariate tests are a great way to learn about user preferences and behaviors—but they stop short of giving you the insights you need to make informed product decisions.

Combining your Optimizely tests with Hotjar’s Session Recordings and Feedback tools helps you understand how users engage with and react to different versions of your product.

Benefits of integrating Optimizely with Hotjar

Promotes data-guided decision-making

Combining your Optimizely A/B test results with Hotjar’s Session Recordings and Feedback tools gives you rich, granular data about the user experience (UX), taking the guesswork out of decision making. 

Lets you roll out better products

Hotjar’s Optimizely integration lets you test different variations of product updates or website changes, so you can understand what customers need and improve your product before release.

Digs deep into UX

Watch your users interact with different versions of your website or product with recordings and really understand their full experience.

Get user feedback on updates and variations

Hear what users are thinking and feeling as they explore different variations of your product.

Refine your workflow

Get user insights to find opportunities, formulate hypotheses, and inform further A/B and multivariate experiments.

Makes A/B testing easy

Optimizely gives teams a no-code solution for setting up and managing A/B and multivariate testing, while Hotjar Recordings and Feedback tools help you understand the nuance of users’ experiences throughout your experiments.

Optimizely 🤝 Hotjar

A/B testing and rich product experience insights are a match made in heaven—together they’ll help you optimize your product to meet user needs.

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