Acceptable Use Policy

Date: July 2020
Version number: 2.1

Hotjar’s behavior analytics software is designed for any business selling online. We make it easy to go beyond traditional web analytics and understand what users are really doing on your site.

At Hotjar, we believe we have a responsibility to protect the privacy of end users and to offer tools to safeguard data so that trust between website owners, prospects, and customers can be assured and maintained.


Hotjar was designed to empower you and your team to build a better experience for your site users and customers while still ensuring their right to privacy is respected.

Because of this, all data collected and processed by Hotjar must solely be used by the site or app owner and not shared with third parties, unless explicit consent has been received from your end users.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Selling or sharing the data with third parties
  • Marketing automation 
  • Retargeted advertising

Behavior tools

Hotjar’s behavior tools give you an overview of visitor behavior on your website or app.

To avoid storing unnecessary individual personal data with Hotjar, we recommend that you suppress all elements that contain personally identifiable information, for example an email capture form or sign-up form fields, captured in our behavior tools such as Heatmaps and Session Recordings. You may already store this info in your own systems: Hotjar does not need to store it as well.

Under no circumstances should the use of tags within Hotjar be used to pass through any information that would allow for the personal identification of individuals such as user IDs, email addresses, IP addresses, etc.

Unless clear and advance consent has been given by the individual or end user, Hotjar’s behavior tools should not be used to:
  • Monitor personally identifiable information that would allow you to gain insight into individual visitor behavior
  • Generate leads or recover people who have dropped off from your funnel
  • Aid sales teams in understanding actions taken by individuals who can be identified
  • Capture individuals’ data to proactively reach out to them

Feedback tools

Hotjar’s feedback tools help you gather feedback to understand user behavior and improve the experience of your website or app users. They should NOT be used as marketing automation or lead generation tools.

Consent should be obtained from all users providing feedback or data (e.g. passing User Attributes to Hotjar through our Identify API) that contain personally identifiable information.

Hotjar’s feedback tools should not be used to:

  • Do anything that is not consistent with the user’s advance consent
  • Add email addresses to newsletters without consent
  • Sell data captured through the feedback tools without explicit consent that the captured data may be sold
  • Mislead users in questions asked through Hotjar’s feedback tools
  • Inject links or hijack a survey to do things that are not part of the core functionality of Hotjar's service
  • Ask questions about personal or sensitive information that does not comply with the laws of your country
  • Bully or harass anyone. Violent language and hate speech should never be used

If Hotjar becomes aware of the use of any of our tools in a manner that is not consistent with this Acceptable Use Policy, our Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy we will make every effort to notify the account owner of our concern and we reserve the right to pause or cancel your subscription if the concern is not remedied.

If you have any further questions related to the acceptable use of our service, please contact us at