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10 website survey questions

Spot issues, find opportunities, and prioritize your work by asking these 10 questions

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Last updated

11 Jan 2024

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So, you've built your website. You've designed each page. Written pages upon pages of content.

How do you know if it's working?

Sure you can look at data: conversions, bounces, visits, funnels. But that will only reveal what is happening on your site, not why it's happening.

Nobody knows more about what your users want than your users themselves. So why not ask them? Regardless of what type of website you’re working on—be it an e-commerce, SaaS (software-as-a-service), blog, or magazine site—surveying users on the page will give you the feedback you need to improve the user experience for your audience and increase conversions for your business.

This survey template will take you through ten of the best questions you can ask users on your site.

With this survey, you'll learn:

  1. How easy your site is to use

  2. Where visitors heard about your site

  3. What website visitors would use if yours didn't exist

  4. And what's the ONE thing missing from your site

Make it your own:

  • Tweak each question in the template or add your own

  • Change the color scheme

  • Remove Hotjar branding (with Scale and Business plans)

  • Pick between full screen, pop-up or external link Surveys

Don't guess, ask visitors 10 simple questions

There's no end to the advice on how to improve your site. You'll see books on the subject, thousand-dollar courses, and even whole conferences dedicated to the simple task of building a better website.

But none of the insights gained from those resources will match the insights you can get from simply asking visitors what they want.

We believe you’ll get the best insights from open-ended questions: questions that let users answer in their own words instead of just selecting from multiple choice answers.

In this survey template, we've listed ten open-ended survey questions you can use on your site. Simply press 'Get started' and you'll have a copy of these questions and an account ready to publish these questions live on your site.

We've written extensively about the importance of asking visitors on your website questions. If you want to learn a little more about the process before you get started with this template, read more here.

3 questions you’ll be able to answer

1. What's the one thing that'll improve this page?

We've all spent hours on a landing page debating what to add, what to remove and what copy to tweak. After a while, it can be hard to zoom out and determine what's missing. So, to help out, we've added a question to this template to ask users the one thing that's missing.

2. Are competitors a better alternative?

One of the questions in this template is "If you could no longer use this website what's the ONE thing you'd miss most?". We like this question because it helps reveal what your core differentiators are. What's the thing that makes you different and better from other sites out there? This question will pinpoint that.

3. What's missing from your site?

The 8th question in this template is "Were you looking for anything today that you could not find?". This is an important question to continually ask users on your site. As you grow, you'll attract different visitors to your site. Each new visitor might have new requirements. To keep up to speed with what visitors want, ask this question.

Set up the ten website questions survey in seconds

Getting started with the ten website question survey is fast and easy. Start by clicking the ‘Get started with this template’ link at the top of the page. 

On that page, that you’ll be asked to create an account and verify your email. 

After you’ve verified your email, you’ll be taken straight to the survey template which will be ready for you to send out to customers to start collecting insights. 

However, you’ll also have the option to install the Hotjar tracking code on your site. This tracking code will allow you to host the survey live on your site rather than via an external URL. This might be useful if you want to show the ten website question survey to users on a certain page. It’ll also mean you’ll be able to access all four of the Hotjar features.

Don’t worry, installing the tracking code won’t slow your website down. And it doesn’t cost you anything (our free plans are free forever). So, to set up your full Hotjar account and install the tracking code, follow these steps.


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