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How CadoMaestro uses Hotjar to validate website optimizations

CadoMaestro is a France-based gift-giving service with over 3,000 products. Like every ecommerce business, the CadoMaestro team is constantly seeking ways to improve their product offerings and user experience (UX).

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21 Jul 2023

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We sat down with Nicolas Grousson, CadoMaestro’s SEO Manager, to discuss how Hotjar has been a vital platform in helping the business understand its customers and create a user-centric website experience and product catalog. Here’s how they did it. 

Watching recordings to create user-centric copy

Formerly CadeauMaestro, the gift-giving service wanted to increase its customer retention and loyalty, and internationalize the brand. As a first step, Nicolas and his team changed the brand’s domain name and logo—but they hit a snag.

#CadoMaestro was formerly CadeauMaestro
CadoMaestro was formerly CadeauMaestro

“Google was a bit slow to understand that we were the same website,” says Nicolas. The change affected user perception and conversions. So the team added an above-the-fold banner explaining that they were the same company with a simple name change to reassure users and inspire confidence.

Using Hotjar Recordings, the CadoMaestro team watched how shoppers interacted with the copy and new logo.

#CadoMaestro used session recordings like this one to understand how users engaged with their updated site
CadoMaestro used session recordings like this one to understand how users engaged with their updated site

When you see what your customers are doing on your site, you want to do it more and more and more, and you could spend the entire day on Hotjar.

Nicolas Grousson
SEO Manager at CadoMaestro

Launching surveys and feedback to conduct product research

The CadoMaestro team also regularly makes use of the Hotjar Feedback and Surveys tools, specifically to

  • Get data on their website’s ease of use, by asking users if the process of gift personalization is intuitive enough and if they need any help 

  • Get product ideas, by gathering user feedback about whether they want to see a specific product in a new color

  • Gauge the overall user sentiment, by using Hotjar’s feedback score to get a bird’s-eye view of how visitors perceive key pages

The CadoMaestro team uses Hotjar’s feedback score to gauge the overall user sentiment on product pages

We use Hotjar to see if users are thinking like us when we're doing the modifications. When we're focused on a project, it's sometimes difficult to go into detail and realize the full impact of a development. Fortunately, thanks to Hotjar, we can now see how our customers really behave on our site. 

CadoMaestro used Hotjar to make conversion-boosting decisions with confidence

Improve ecommerce conversions with customer insights like CadoMaestro. By seeing how users really behave on your website, you can give them the experience they deserve.