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How CCV used Hotjar to grow conversions

Hotjar makes the insights you have from Google Analytics visual and easier to understand—and it’s less time consuming to analyze this data and get some quick wins.

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24 Mar 2023

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Can you use the same set of behavior analysis tools to (1) improve your products, (2) increase conversions for yourself, and (3) increase conversions for your customers?

We usually think of these as separate questions, but for CCV, they were all intertwined.

How a SaaS company improved their products + boosted conversions for themselves and their e-commerce clients

CCV Shop is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product from CCV, a Netherlands-based company with large market share in the country’s payment sector. CCV Shop creates and hosts online storefronts—think one-stop shop for 17,000 entrepreneurs to run their online e-commerce stores. 

Since their business is all about helping online companies succeed, they came to find that studying user behavior (both their own visitors and their customers’ visitors) helped everyone thrive.

Gregor Doornbosch is a UX Designer at CCV who is deeply interested in user psychology, and he used Hotjar Heatmaps and Session Recordings to observe user behavior on:

  • CCV Shop’s landing pages

  • CCV Shop’s own website

  • Check-out pages on their customers’ online shops (with permission, of course!)

I have a real passion for everything that goes into User Experience (UX) design. I want to know what users are thinking—the psychology behind their decisions—and why they’re clicking on some elements while ignoring others.
Gregor Doornbosch
UX Designer at CCV

Would there be hidden costs to Hotjar’s implementation?

Hotjar’s price seemed right, but Gregor’s experience with business software made him skeptical at first. Implementing any new software across different departments requires training, and a complicated interface could add hidden labor costs (in onboarding, incomplete adoption, etc.).

Fortunately, Hotjar proved its value by being easy to learn and implement.

A lot of tools try to sell you on the low price, but they ‘forget’ to tell that implementing can cost more, in time and money, than most people think. Hotjar was easy to implement, and it offered tremendous value for a great price.
Gregor Doornbosch
UX Designer at CCV

Challenge #1: increase conversions for CCV Shop’s landing pages

CCV Shop generates leads through landing pages, and they used a few Hotjar tools together to understand their prospective customers and increase conversions.

CCV Shop used Heatmaps to see the big picture—where customers were clicking in aggregate, how far they scrolled, and how they interacted with various elements of each page:

Then, they observed individual recordings as users interacted with the various landing pages. As Gregor explains it, “by using videos you see how people are on different browser versions, resolutions, etc., and sometimes you see small bugs within your own software that you've never seen before.”

With this information, CCV Shop could make changes, A/B test them, and double down on what worked.

The results? They increased the conversion rate on their marketing website by 38%, from 1.3% to 1.8%—which got them really close to reaching their 2% conversion goal.

Challenge #2: improving the platform to boost conversions for clients

This is where things get really interesting. Since CCV Shop creates (and hosts) software for online stores, they have the unique opportunity to observe not only their own users—but their customers’ users as well (with express permission).

Using Hotjar’s tools, CCV Shop could figure out how some of their customers’ users behaved when they reached the checkout page.

They used this data to:

  • Improve their platform’s interface, which would result in

  • Improved conversions for their customers

Plus, they were able to use these same tools and techniques to improve the ‘back-office’ side of their product—making it easier for their customers to update their products, pricing, etc. in their online stores.

We have around 17,000 shops hosted on our site, if you consider the free users, and that’s a lot of data. With that in mind, we set out to study the pages with a similar layout and flow, such as the checkout page. Hotjar helped us gain insight into how people use our features and where we can improve them for our clients. That means conversion improvements… and happier customers!
Gregor Doornbosch
UX Designer at CCV

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