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How ClickMechanic used Hotjar Polls to collect user feedback, make changes, and grow conversions

Hotjar helped us identify two major barriers to conversion. Addressing these issues allowed us to increase revenue by 60%.

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Last updated

24 Mar 2023

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What keeps your customers from converting? It’s a question you can only answer by asking them directly—which is one of the ways ClickMechanic uses Hotjar.

A marketplace for mechanics and car owners

ClickMechanic is a UK-based marketplace that connects customers in need of auto repair or servicing with local mechanics.

Rather than forcing providers to bid on each project, ClickMechanic’s technology automatically quotes a price for each job in advance—so customers know what they’ll pay, and the mechanics can choose to accept or reject the job based on the quote.

ClickMechanic uses a number of Hotjar tools, including PollsSessions Recordings, and Heatmaps, and they use the Hotjar Business plan to get the most out of the software. But before switching over from the free version of Hotjar, they had to ask themselves...


Does it make sense to pay for Hotjar Business when the free version does so much?

Simon Tinsley, Growth Manager for ClickMechanic, found that he and his colleagues could do a whole lot with Hotjar’s free version—so much, in fact, that they weren’t sure whether it made sense to upgrade to the paid version.

What swayed them? The relatively low cost and the fact that some of the features in the paid plan (such as unlimited Session Recordings) would make their lives much easier:

The main obstacle that prevented us from buying Hotjar at first was that they give so much away for free. However, the extra features, such as unlimited Sessions Recordings, make it worth taking the plunge—especially at such an affordable price.
Simon Tinsley
Growth Manager at ClickMechanic

Challenge #1: identifying barriers to purchase

The first step toward improving conversion rates is to figure out what’s preventing customers from buying. ClickMechanic used Hotjar’s Polls to ask users the following open-ended question:

“What ONE thing is stopping you from booking with us?

This on-page survey revealed two major barriers to conversion: 1) ClickMechanic’s pricing was out of line with the rest of the market

2) The system automatically booked the mechanic, but users wanted to know who their mechanic was before booking a repair

The team made changes based on the feedback, tested them out, and the results were impressive.

Adjusting their pricing boosted revenue by 60% in just two months, and allowing customers to see who the mechanic was prior to booking increased conversions by 10%.


Challenge #2: redesigning landing pages (in a cost-effective way) to boost conversions

When ClickMechanic decided to redesign their landing pages, they turned to Hotjar Heatmaps. Heatmap data showed that the vast majority of their landing page visitors never scrolled beyond the hero (the main image on the homepage), so they focused all their redesign above the fold.

#A heatmap of the page after the redsign
A heatmap of the page after the redsign

This approach helped ClickMechanic save money on design and engineering + delivered an additional 15% increase in conversions.

Heatmaps showed us that very few users scroll down beyond our hero, so when redesigning our landing pages, we used this information to redesign only that section. This reduced our costs in terms of design and engineering overhead whilst delivering a 15% increase in our conversion rate.
Simon Tinsley
Growth Manager at ClickMechanic

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