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PX insights and behavior analytics


Product management 101: a complete guide

Your introduction to product management: what it is, what a product manager does, and best practices.


What are product experience insights? (and why every product team needs them)

Product experience insights help teams see how customers really use their products, making it easier to remove bugs, delight users, and reduce churn. Keep reading for your complete guide to product experience (PX) insights for every product team.

Product discovery


What is product discovery and why does it matter?

When you start working on a new product—or a new initiative on an existing product—do you already know exactly which problem your product needs to solve for your customer?

Probably not.

At the start, you work with assumptions and hypotheses about what you need to do and whether it makes sense for your customer.


Product management glossary

Our PM glossary translates industry jargon and complex terms into simple definitions of the most popular concepts and terms used by product management teams.

The beginner’s guide to behavior analytics

Behavior analytics is the key to understanding your customers, and how they really experience and interact with your website or app.

Usability testing: your 101 introduction

A multi-chapter look at website usability testing, its benefits and methods, and how to get started with it.


The complete guide to UX

Introduction to UX design: key principles, best practices, and mistakes to avoid.

Understanding customer experience

What customer experience (CX) is, why it's important for your business, and how you can improve it for your customers.

Website tracking guide

Whether you’re a casual internet user or you work on a website or product, website tracking and product analytics are a fundamental part of your daily life online.

As an individual, you’re likely interested in protecting your privacy. As a marketer, or a UX or product person, tracking is what helps you optimize a site, fix bugs, improve UX, and achieve business growth. When done right (and we’ll show you how), website tracking can be beneficial to both users and businesses.

In this guide, we explore website tracking from both sides and cover what it is, how it works, and how to use a privacy-focused approach to tracking website activity.

Google Analytics: terms and definitions

A glossary of the most frequently used terms in the world of Google Analytics.

Best practices

Team analyzing dashboard with metrics


How to build a brilliant product strategy: a guide

The best strategies help product teams stay on course as they navigate obstacles and changes.

Website analysis: your go-to optimization resource

An introduction to testing and analyzing your website's performance in relation to SEO, speed, competition, and traffic.

Two humans high-fiving, happily, while showing items of a digital journey.

CRO: the user-centric approach

The user-centric approach to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Person using a compass finding their way through digital paths.

Customer journey mapping in 2 and 1/2 days

How to create a customer journey map that improves customer success.

Website redesign: the guide to read before you start

A guide on how to redesign a website with customers in mind. Since you’re here, you’re probably going through a website redesign or are at least considering one. Maybe your site is looking outdated and you feel it’s time for a change, or maybe there’s an issue of stagnant traffic and decreasing conversions you want to tackle by redesigning the experience. 

5-min Ecommerce tips ⚡

Ecommerce lessons from UX, Marketing, and Analytics pros—in 5-minute video format. In June 2020, we ran an ecommerce and UX-focused event with a twist: each speaker could only use 5 slides and was allocated a maximum of 5 minutes—we called it ⚡Ecommerce UX Lightning Learning.


State of Web Analytics 2020

Insight from 2000+ pros on the good, the bad, and the ambiguous of traditional analytics in 2020. Brought to you by CXL and Hotjar.

The essential guide to growing your early-stage SaaS startup

If you’re an early-stage SaaS startup with a fresh Minimum Viable Product (MVP), congratulations!

You’ve already achieved a lot more than many, but there’s plenty of hard work and challenges ahead.