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Product market fit survey

Find out how far your product satisfies the market's demand

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Last updated

20 Jul 2023

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#Hotjar's product-market fit Survey gives you crucial insights into product usage and adoption.

Source: Hotjar

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If you’re starting a new business, launching a product in a new market, or simply trying to achieve growth by finding new demand—you’ll need product market fit. 

Product market fit is the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand. It’s what many entrepreneurs spend years trying to achieve when starting out. But does your product have a market fit? Is it satisfying the demand?

Download this free product market fit survey to find out. The pre-built set of questions will help you understand product adoption and differentiators to discover if you’re meeting expectations. The product market fit survey requires no setup, just create your account, and send out the link to get started.

With this survey, you'll learn:

  1. How often people use your product

  2. What users would do without your product

  3. If users promote your product

  4. What sets you apart from the competition.

Make it your own:

  • Tweak each question in the template or add your own

  • Change the color scheme

  • Remove Hotjar branding (with Scale and Business plans)

  • Pick between full screen, pop-up or external link Surveys

Feedback to help you grow 

To grow your business you’ll need to make sure you’re satisfying the market’s demand. Your product will need to solve the problems your potential customers have, in a way that other competitors can’t match. In short, you’ll need product market fit. 

It’s easy to say, but much harder to execute. Finding product market fit has eluded even some of the very best new products & services (just look back at Meerkat, Clubhouse, and HQ Trivia others). It’s not easy to find product market fit, but feedback can help. 

This product market fit survey will provide you the insights you need to better understand if your product is satisfying demand.

Hundreds of Hotjar customers use product market fit surveys like this to learn more about their market. Sam Mallikarjuanan was the Principle Marketing Strategist at was a social bookmarking website like Reddit or Stumbleupon. On the forum, several SEO and digital marketers would hang out to share their content. It was the brain child of Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, and Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of Hubspot. 

For a forum to be successful, it needs lots of users fast—in other words it needs a product market fit. So, Sam Mallikarjuanan turned to Hotjar’s product market fit survey for answers. Before using Hotjar, Sam concedes that they didn’t really know what users wanted. 

“To be honest, we did a pretty poor job of understanding how and why people used for the first year or so, we just built, built, built.”

However, with Hotjar’s product market fit survey, Sam was able to survey hundreds of users and ask whether the forum was meeting their needs. The product market fit survey provided invaluable insight. 

“After getting feedback we got a good idea of what our users wanted and moved from around 80k members to now over 150k. Hotjar was a big piece of that redesign.”

This feedback gave Sam the insight needed to redesign the homepage, whic ultimately helped attract 70,000 more users to the forum. 

To replicate what Sam learned, you can use this product market fit survey template. It comes packed with all the questions Sam asked his audience. What’s more, the template is fully customizable, meaning you can change the question order, add your own questions, and tweak the design.

4 questions you’ll be able to answer

Do loyal users behave differently?

Usage can be a key indicator of whether or your product has a product market fit. But this survey template will help you learn more than just usage. You’ll be able to filter responses by high usage customers and low usage customers to learn their differences. Perhaps you’ll find that low usage customers struggle to understand the tool. Or maybe you’ll discover that high usage customers all come from a certain region. This will help you better understand your product market fit.

Is there a suitable competitor?

We like to think that no other company could possibly serve our customers—but, alas, that’s rarely the case. Despite our best efforts, customers are quick to switch to other tools, or worse, ditch all tools entirely and do without. What’s important is that you learn what users would do without your product. That’s why this survey template askes them directly, helping you better understand who you’re up against. 

What percentage of users are promoters?

For smaller businesses looking for high growth, word of mouth can be the fuel you need to get off the ground. Having your early customers promote the product to their friends is a simple way to get your service off the ground without much marketing investment. 

But do your customers promote your product? You’ll find out with this product market survey template. One of the questions asks explicitly if the user is likely to promote the service to their friends, helping you learn what percentage of users are promoters. 

What are your real differentiators?

What sets you apart from your competition? Often your opinion may be very different to a customer’s view. It’s common for many companies to assume that their product is more technically advanced than competitors, but many customers miss this. They might prefer a product for a reason you’d never consider. To learn more about your real differentiators, this survey template asks what sets your product apart from the competition.

Set up the product market fit survey in seconds

Getting started with the product market fit survey is fast and easy. Start by clicking the ‘Get started with this template’ link at the top of the page. 

Once you’ve pressed that you’ll be asked to create an account and verify your email.

After you’re verified, you’ll be taken straight to the survey template which will be ready for you to send out to customers to start collecting insights. 

However, you’ll also have the option to install the Hotjar tracking code on your site. This tracking code will allow you to host the survey live on your site rather than via an external URL. This might be useful if you want to show the product market fit survey to users on a certain page. It’ll also mean you’ll be able to access all four of the Hotjar features.

Don’t worry, installing the tracking code won’t slow your website down. And it doesn’t cost you anything (our free plans are free forever). So, to set up your full Hotjar account and install the tracking code, follow these steps.


Get started with this template today.