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Website usability survey

Measure the usability and ease of use of your website

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Last updated

20 Jul 2023

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Is your user interface inviting users to interact with your product, app, or website? Does it help them navigate toward what they need? 

If you see them fulfilling desired actions, such as making a purchase, you can say it’s serving its purpose. But another way to understand if your website usability is up to par is to ask users directly. This is where the website usability survey proves useful.

This survey measures how easily your prospective and existing customers use your website. It’s designed to monitor the gap between your site and people’s goals, needs, and mental models. You can use our pre-built version of this survey and start putting yourself in the shoes of your site users.

With this survey, you'll:

  • Collect insights to improve ease of use

  • Determine if you’re meeting user expectations

  • Learn if your website is easy enough to use

  • Identify potential pain points on your site

Make it your own:

  • Tweak each question in the template or add your own

  • Change the color scheme

  • Remove Hotjar branding (Ask Business and Ask Scale plans only)

  • Pick from full screen, pop-up, or external link survey

  • Opt-in to on-site user targeting

  • Select how often users see the survey

  • Choose where to receive responses

3 insights you’ll find:

What users like about your website

You can use score-based questions to get data on various aspects of your site, such as content, design, navigation, and payment. To understand your visitor’s thought process, you can also add open-ended questions, allowing them to describe their experience.

The problems they face and the reasons why

Dig deep into the issues users face. Then solve the most important problems to improve the experience while maximizing your resources. You can combine your survey insights with quantitative data, such as exit pages and bounce rates, all of which are accessible on Hotjar.

Your site’s mobile-friendliness

Mobile devices account for 54.4 percent of global website traffic. So if your site does not adapt to mobile—for example, users who view it on their smartphones and tablets struggle to read the text—your overall user experience will be negatively affected.

Launch your website usability survey in seconds

Creating a website usability survey is fast and easy. To begin, click on the ‘Get started with this template’ link at the top of the page. 

If this is your first time using Hotjar:

Set up an account and verify your email address. It won't cost you anything (our free plans are free forever).

When you have an existing account:

After clicking the link and/or verifying your account, you will reach the pre-built template page. The survey is ready for you to send out, so you can start collecting insights instantly.

If you want to customize the template, that's also possible! For instance, if you want to show the website usability survey to users on a certain page, you have the option to install the Hotjar tracking code on your site. This will allow you to host the survey live on your website instead of sending users to an external URL. It’ll also activate your view of all the user behavior insights available on Hotjar.

Don't worry; installing the tracking code won’t slow your pages down. So, go ahead and sign up for a full Hotjar account. Then install the tracking code by following these steps.


Get started with this template today.