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PX insights

8 ways to improve feature adoption (with strategies and metrics for success)

Each new feature has an overarching goal: to enhance the value that customers get from your product. However, if you can’t show them the benefits and get them to adopt a feature, that value goes to waste.

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7 stats that prove user-centric websites win in 2024 (with tips on how to improve UX)

Is your website user experience holding you back? Don’t rely on guesswork and gut feeling alone: use data to elevate your UX and enhance your bottom line.

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User research

How to instantly transcribe user interviews—and swiftly unlock actionable insights

After the thrill of a successful user interview, the chore of transcribing dialogue can feel like the ultimate anticlimax. Putting spoken words in writing takes several precious hours—time better invested in sharing your findings with your team or boss.

But the fact remains: you need a clear and accurate user interview transcript to analyze and report data effectively. Enter automatic transcription. This process instantly transcribes recorded dialogue in real time without human help. It ensures data integrity (and preserves your sanity), enabling you to unlock valuable insights in your research.

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UX design and analysis

Design a homepage that delights your users in 9 easy steps (with tips and examples)

While product, UX, and marketing teams help shape a website or app’s homepage, a more powerful group holds the reins: the users. Their needs and preferences are key deciding factors in locking in an effective homepage design.

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Behavior analytics

10 ways to improve your data analytics processes using Hotjar

As your team's data partner, you empower colleagues to make predictions and decisions by seeking out valuable insights into your users, products, or services. But who—or what—empowers you? What data analytics tools do you rely on to accomplish your day-to-day work? 

If you still need to find your go-to solution, try Hotjar.

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Hotjar product updates

How to use Engagement Zones to improve your website and boost conversions with confidence

Multiple types of heatmaps—like click, move, and scroll heatmaps—have proven vital in visualizing complex interaction data. But when you’ve spent several minutes, even hours, toggling between them to glean on-page engagement insights, haven’t you wished to the analytics gods that there was a more efficient way to do your job?

We’re no deities, but we heard you. Hotjar’s alternative to this imperfect science isn’t a magic button, but another type of heatmap. Everybody, say hi to Engagement Zones. 👋

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User research

10 best survey tools SMBs can use to capture valuable customer feedback

No business can please all prospects all the time (if you can, tell us your secrets!). But suppose a customer is unhappy with your brand, product, or service. Would you rather hear it from them directly, or find out by chance on social media or third-party review sites?

Capturing direct feedback from real users certainly sounds like the better option—and, luckily, it’s become much easier to do. 

Nowadays, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with limited resources can conduct online surveys at any point of the buyer's journey—for free. With best-in-class survey tools, you can customize the survey flow and elements, deploy your questionnaire, and collect quality responses faster than ever.

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Trending topics

Beyond the prompt: the impact of artificial intelligence on 5 major industries

Remember ChatGPT’s explosive debut in late 2022? Since then, within a matter of months, artificial intelligence (AI) has astonished the world with brand-new, advanced applications that could upend life and work as we know them. 

It’s perfectly fine to have mixed feelings about all this—we still do! But we’re sure you didn’t just come here for a pep talk. So, here’s a prompt, if you will:

Say goodbye to the janky chatbots of yore, and imagine what you and your customers could achieve with AI as it is now: a multipurpose technology with tremendous practical capabilities. Getting to grips with the new generation of AI in its early days is the fastest way to understand its impact on your business and broader industry. 

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