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🔥 Read it while it’s hot: November 2023 updates in the Hotjar world

It's November, and we've got exciting updates to share, from what happened last month to what’s coming soon. Sentiment analysis, improved research hub, popover surveys 2.0, and enhanced team collaboration... Take a look. 👇

Last updated

24 Nov 2023

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5 min


Here's what's new:

💓 Sentiment analysis

🎤 Interviews

🙂 Surveys

🔌 New integration

🏅 Hotjar certification

🦸 Customer spotlight

💓 Sentiment analysis: pinpoint issues fast

Surveys are great for gathering user feedback.

But it can take a while to dig through all your survey responses and find what you’re looking for.

With a single click, our new sentiment analysis feature will categorize your survey’s open-text responses as positive, neutral, or negative.

Instead of sifting through every single response, use sentiment analysis to jump straight to the negative ones if you’re looking to identify issues as quickly as possible, or to keep track of user sentiment over time for your always-on surveys.

Here’s what else you can do with AI-powered sentiment analysis:

  • Use sentiment charts and quotes directly in your presentations to make your reports more memorable

  • Compare the average sentiments in different concept testing surveys to determine which design users like best

  • Find out if users are happy with new features by embedding a survey and tracking sentiment over time

💡 Note: sentiment analysis is now available on the Ask Business and Scale plans. If you don’t have a Hotjar account yet, get your 15-day free Ask Business trial. Then launch your first survey to try out sentiment analysis and all other Business features.

Find out how users feel with sentiment analysis

Let AI categorize your open-text survey responses. Less legwork, more insights.

🎤 Interviews: navigating your research project is now easier than ever

Manage your research project in one place and make conducting user interviews a breeze with a revamped homepage. 

  • No more delays in your research project. Address issues like unavailable time slots or lack of participants due to niche filtering faster with alerts.

  • Keep an eye on interview status. Track the progress of your interviews, the number of recruited participants, and scheduled or completed interviews at a glance with overview cards.

  • Streamline interviewee selection. A dedicated tab shows key details about participants. Save your top candidates to put them on your team’s radar.

  • Get a snapshot of your project’s progress. Scheduled and completed interviews are now separate, so it's easier to see how your research is progressing.

  • Keep your team in the loop. Access key moments from completed interviews and share crucial insights with your team via video thumbnails. 

  • Improved UX. A collapsible list lets you see the bigger picture or dive into candidate details with a click. 

One home for all things interviews

Connect with more of your users, faster.

🙂 Surveys: boost your response rates with improved popover surveys

Popover surveys are the best way to connect with your audience when they’re most engaged. They show up at just the right time in a user’s journey to collect the insights you need to make decisions.

And now, thanks to your feedback, we’ve given them a fresh, user-friendly makeover.

The result? An enhanced survey experience, consistent across all devices and complemented by accessible color palettes.

So you get more responses from a broader, more inclusive range of respondents.

Here’s a closer look:

  • Accessible color palettes. Select your preferred button or background color and we’ll automatically optimize text color for accessibility. Ensure every participant feels included while staying on brand—the best of both worlds.

  • Get more responses, on every device. Popover surveys now display better on all devices, especially mobile. Plus, we’ve redesigned reaction types to make them more appealing to your users so your surveys get more engagement.

Boost responses with popover surveys 2.0

Deliver a silky-smooth survey experience that looks great on every device, now also with a variety of accessible color palettes.

🔌 Integrations: send Hotjar insights to Asana, Trello, and Linear!

Last month, we told you how you could turn insights into action with the new Hotjar integrations with Asana and Trello.

Now, you can do the same with Linear! 🎉

What does it mean? You can now create an Asana task, Trello card, or Linear issue directly from any recording, console error, highlight, survey response, or piece of feedback in Hotjar.

The task, card, or issue will include all the info your team needs to get to work, like the URL where feedback was left, a link to the corresponding recording, or extra details about the error that occurred.

  • Faster fixes and improvements. Spot a problem in a recording? Click 'Share' to create an Asana task, Trello card, or Linear issue. An automatically embedded link will take your team straight to the relevant recording to ensure quick access and even faster fixes. 

  • Prioritize urgent user feedback. When creating tasks, cards, and issues from feedback and survey responses, the description includes the full user response and a link to the session (if available). With a deeper insight into the user experience, it’s easier for your team to triage issues and improvements. 

  • Streamline team collaboration. Assign tasks, cards, or issues to the relevant workspace, project, or board.

  • Empower devs with contextualized insights. With more actionable bug reports and optimization requests, improvements are straightforward. Developers have the insights they need to resolve issues and make UX enhancements even faster.

Hotjar now connects with your favorite PM tools

Transform 'aha' moments into ready-to-go tasks for your team.

🏅 Get your official Hotjar certification

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of official Hotjar certifications—starting with our Foundations course (more advanced courses to follow soon)!

Through a series of short videos, you will

  • Master the essentials of Heatmaps, Recordings, Surveys, Feedback, and Interviews

  • Learn how to combine them to unlock even more insights

  • Become a Hotjar pro by learning from the experts

Watch the videos at your own pace, then take a short exam to get your certificate—and let the world know you’re a Hotjar pro.

Become a Hotjar pro

Grow your Hotjar skills, understand the ins and outs of the tools that will make you stand out, and get your official certification.

🦸 Customer spotlight: UX Studio recruits research participants in less than 48 hours

Find out how UX Studio cut interview recruitment times from weeks to days, all while boosting research quality. 

Learn how they did it

🎗️ What you may have missed last month

In case you missed it, you can find the round-up of product updates for October 2023 here.

👋 See you next month

And that’s a wrap for this month’s updates. 

Let us know your thoughts on this post! 👇