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Project performance reporting examples

Performance reports are an essential part of project management that help you keep any project on track. Analyzing and comparing different performance reporting examples helps you make the best decisions for your business and customers—to either continue your strategies, adjust initiatives, or change direction completely.

Last updated

15 Feb 2023

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This chapter takes you through various examples of performance reports, and the tools you can use to improve them. 

Whether you’re just getting started with performance reporting or have several projects already under your belt, these examples will help you create more effective reports and focus on the initiatives that are most relevant to your company, your customers, and their combined long-term prospects and value.

Website performance reporting

Everyone wants a high-performing website that gives new users an ideal first impression and motivates loyal customers to keep coming back. But to provide your customers with an excellent online user experience (UX), you need specific details about what’s working well on your site—and what isn’t.

This chapter on website performance reporting helps you spot website performance changes and understand the most critical performance metrics to track. Plus, it gives you tips on how you can improve them to optimize your website—before you risk losing sales, money, and user trust.

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Marketing performance reporting

It’s easy to guess what your customers want. But without solid data, there’s no way to know how to market to their specific needs and expectations.

This chapter on marketing performance reporting teaches you all about assembling and analyzing data to guide marketing strategies, decisions, and actions. With detailed analytics tools and metrics dashboards, you’ll have access to data about who your customers are, understand the customer journey, and see what metrics you should focus on when reporting campaign effectiveness to stakeholders or clients.

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Or check out how to build a marketing data analysis report (with templates and examples) or how great marketers create actionable and insightful reports.

Performance reporting software

Performance reporting software lets you take performance management to the next level by allowing you to easily build reports from a variety of data sources.

By making it easy to compare current performance with strategic goals, these project performance reporting tools give you and your team more time for other important tasks—like monitoring your key performance indicators (KPIs) and helping your project stay on track. 

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Keep your customers happy and your project on track with Hotjar

Hotjar balances your quantitative performance data with qualitative user insights for comprehensive project performance reporting.