Hotjar Resource Library

Monitor and spot issues after releasing changes to your site/app

A 3-step framework to help you stay on top of any issues in the first minutes/hours/days after you launch changes to your website or app.

Time to read: 10 minutes

Getting started with heatmaps

Why you should set up your first Hotjar heatmap, where, and how to read it once it's ready.

Time to read: 5 min

How to Connect Polls with Heatmaps for Clearer Insights

Learn how to combine heatmaps and polls to give you a clear picture of what your users want and why they’re on your website.

Time to implement: 30 min

Hotjar Funnels: How to Map Out & Measure a Visitor's Journey

Learn to map out and set up a Hotjar funnel to see how users are behaving, why they’re behaving that way, and what you can change to make a positive impact on your site.

Time to implement: 1-3 hours

The Ultimate Guide to Feedback Polls

Feedback polls are windows into the mind of your users. This in-depth guide teaches you how to build, design, and plan with your visitors in mind.

Time to read: 7 min

8 Heatmap Tests that Reveal Visitor Behavior

We've put together 8 heatmap tests that will give you simple and actionable ways to improve your key site pages.

Time to read: 8 min

Big Picture Worksheet

The North Star in optimizing your website for growth. Use this worksheet to organize and prioritize all your findings so you can hone in on top opportunities for improvement.

Time to read: 3 min

An Introduction to Incoming Feedback

Learn how get set up and uncover barriers on your site with instant visual feedback from your visitors.

Time to Watch: 30 min

How to Set up Hotjar for Single-Page Apps

See how to set up and track page changes on your SPA site or app by watching this pre-recorded webinar.

Time to Watch: 30 min

How to Quickly Build and Analyze Polls

Discover how to quickly set up a poll on your site, the right questions to ask, and how to analyze your results so you can act on your findings.

Time to implement: 5 min

Filling in the Gaps with Hotjar Surveys

Reveal your site's Big Picture by filling in gaps with the most powerful tool for generating qualitative data: user surveys.

Time to implement: 1-3 hours

Poll & Survey Sample Size Calculator

Save time by quickly calculating how many people you should survey when using feedback polls and surveys.

Time to implement: 1 min

Poll and Survey Analysis Template (.xls)

This custom .xls template will let you organize your poll and survey results to maximize your productivity.

Time to read: 10 min

15-Minute Poll Kit

This quick-hitting reference kit sets you up to deploy feedback polls the ‘right way’ efficiently.

Time to implement: 15 min

An Introduction to Hotjar

See how to detect your site’s problem areas, capture feedback from visitors, and what to watch for when you're analyzing everything.

Time to watch: 30 min

The Hotjar Action Plan: Optimize Your Site for Growth "The Hotjar Way"

Get started with this comprehensive blueprint for using Hotjar on your website from our Founder/CEO Dr. David Darmanin.

Time to read: 15 min