5 tools to reduce customer churn in 2024

Every business experiences customer churn—but it affects some brands more than others. The fact is, churn is usually fueled by frustration with your product, service, or brand. A high churn rate indicates a bigger problem that needs urgent solving.

Understanding the root cause of customer churn is crucial—and addressing it is even more important. However, identifying the reasons behind churn is anything but straightforward. Luckily, the right churn management software makes finding and fixing a high churn rate easy.

This article shares five powerful churn management platforms to help you boost customer retention and loyalty. 

These tools offer a range of benefits, including 

  • Predicting and preventing churn

  • Gaining insights into user behavior

  • Engaging customers

  • Managing subscriptions

Let’s dive in.

Try the tools below to enhance your overall user experience and win customers who stick around for a very long time.

1. Hotjar

#Session recordings in Hotjar help you identify where users get stuck so you can provide a better customer experience
Session recordings in Hotjar help you identify where users get stuck so you can provide a better customer experience

What it is: Hotjar is a behavior analytics platform that achieves the impossible, helping you understand exactly why your customers churn. With tools like session recordings, heatmaps, a feedback widget, and surveys, Hotjar identifies user pain points and blockers so you can implement fixes to reduce churn.

Use Hotjar to: gather valuable insights about your customers with a variety of behavior analytics tools, all from a single platform. View heatmaps (visual, color-coded representations of users’ clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements) and recordings (video-like replays of real user sessions) to identify actions that indicate customer dissatisfaction. You could also send targeted, AI-powered surveys to users as they churn to find out their reasons, or capture feedback from frustrated users in the moment via Hotjar’s on-site feedback widget.

2. Qualtrics CustomerXM 

What it is: Qualtrics CustomerXM is a powerful tool that reduces churn by providing insights into user behavior and sentiment. With its Predict IQ™ technology and role-based dashboard, Qualtrics enables teams to take targeted actions that prevent churn and delight users. 

Use Qualtrics to: distribute surveys, identify users at risk, and seamlessly create follow-up tickets for a proactive approach. Consider integrating the platform with a multi-product behavior analytics platform like Hotjar for deeper insights into users at risk of churning.

3. Zendesk 

Use Zendesk to engage your customers, giving them quick answers to their questions to remove roadblocks

What it is: Zendesk is a customer service solution helping businesses engage with and support their customers. With conversational support, a community forum, and  AI-powered features, Zendesk reduces churn and improves customer retention. Although it’s not technically a churn management platform, Zendesk’s features help you boost user engagement and increase your product’s stickiness.

Use Zendesk to: engage and support your customers while streamlining customer success efforts. You can also integrate Zendesk with Hotjar to create new Zendesk tickets for Hotjar feedback responses and quickly resolve your customers’ frustrations.

4. ChurnZero 

Get a clear overview of the health of all your users and accounts with ChurnZero

What it is: a holistic customer success management platform, ChurnZero helps businesses fight churn at every step of the customer journey. It offers tailored solutions for user onboarding, product adoption, and subscription renewals and upgrades. 

Use ChurnZero to: generate a 'churn score', which gives you a clear look at your customers' health, or how satisfied and engaged they are with your product experience. Additionally, ChurnZero’s clear data reporting, journey overviews, and real-time alerts further reduce customer churn and provide valuable insights for businesses.

5. SubscriptionFlow

SubscriptionFlow lets you track and view ChurnScores over time, so you can monitor trends and fix issues before they get out of hand

What it is: SubscriptionFlow is a comprehensive tool designed to help businesses manage subscriptions and maximize retention. It tracks subscription analytics and customer retention metrics to give you a clear view of your company’s health. 

Use SubscriptionFlow to: track customer behavior, prevent churn, and optimize customer journeys. You could also use the tool’s predictive analytics to identify customers at risk of churning and take the necessary action to retain them.

Choose the right churn management software

To effectively manage customer churn, it is crucial to select the right churn management software that aligns with your needs. Here’s how:

  • Look for tools that offer comprehensive tracking, reporting, and predictive analytics

  • Ensure your tool (or combination of tools) offer both quantitative and qualitative data to gain insights into customer behavior and reduce churn in the long run

  • Choose a tool that prioritizes your users’ experience, because happier customers are stickier customers

By following these tips and maintaining a customer-centric mindset, you’ll be well on your way to reducing churn, increasing customer loyalty, and growing your business.

Get your customers to stick around for longer

Hotjar's tools give you valuable insights into why customers churn, so you can improve retention.