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“Hotjar’s Heatmaps revealed where users click during the signup process. This revealed a few issues that, when resolved, boosted our conversions”
Shiv Sharma
Increased conversion rate by 40%
“Heatmaps helped me identify where users spend most of their time and assess if they should be spending time there or not.”
Piriya Kantong
Achieved a 7% drop in bounced visitors
“Heatmaps showed us that very few users scroll down beyond our hero, so when redesigning our landing pages, we used this information to redesign only that section.”
Simon Tinsley
Grew revenue by 60%
“Using Hotjar’s Heatmap's we revealed a simple mistake we were making.”
Hans van Leersum
Increased clickthroughs by 11%
“Heatmaps makes insights visual and easier to understand - and it’s less time-consuming to analyze and get some quick wins.”
Gregor Doornbosch
Increased conversion rate by 28%
“We didn’t really know what people were doing on our site or how they were using our product. Hotjar helped us understand our customer better.”
Gabriela Popa
Increased sign-ups by 25%

The complete guide to heatmaps

A complete guide to website heatmaps with chapters about creating and analyzing heatmaps, case studies, practical examples, and FAQs.