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Over 1.2 million online businesses use this behavior analytics tool to increase sales

Are you frustrated with the perpetual ‘traffic is up, but sales are down’ status of your website?

Every online business owner knows that an increase in website traffic is only a win if conversions increase too. But how do you translate site visits into sales? Luckily, thousands of businesses just like yours have already discovered the solution. Better user experience and optimized customer journeys are essential for increasing sales. These goals are achieved with the right combination of tools: you need traditional analytics to show you what's happening, and behavior analytics to learn why. 

Discover that ‘why’ with Hotjar, one of the world’s biggest behavior analytics platforms.

How behavior analytics helps businesses like yours

1. Track, analyze, and optimize metrics that drive sales

Sales data is crucial for growth strategy and understanding the customer journey, especially in the decision stage. Using Google Analytics or your sales analytics software to track important metrics gives you valuable insights. But these numbers won’t mean much if you don’t know why they look the way they do.

Integrate your traditional analytics tools with Hotjar to bridge the gap between quantitative and qualitative data. Hotjar’s tools for heatmaps, session recordings, feedback, surveys, and user interviews help you uncover the reasons behind the numbers for a more comprehensive analysis.

Integrate Hotjar with several popular tools and platforms, including

  • Google Analytics

  • Mixpanel

  • Shopify

  • HubSpot

  • Segment 

  • Optimizely

Then, analyze data to learn exactly how your users behave and optimize accordingly.

2. Discover pain points and opportunities for improvement

Detailed numbers from traditional analytics may suggest a problem, but user behavior analytics offer insights from the users' perspective. Combining hard data and behavioral insights helps you

  • Easily identify drop-offs in user flows: use Google Analytics to understand website activity and Hotjar to diagnose issues. You can do this by viewing session recordings—video-like renderings of real user activity—of users who dropped off before converting to see what stood in their way.

  • Effectively spot bugs and UX issues: use Hotjar to launch targeted surveys on exit pages and analyze recorded user sessions for missing links or broken elements. Prioritize fixes and achieve immediate results, leading to opportunities for additional data-informed changes

3. Share data across different teams

Looking to get buy-in and align with other teams or departments? Hotjar’s user-friendly platform facilitates effortless cross-functional collaboration. Equip yourself with tools that allow you to

  • Create and group highlights (snippets of highly valuable insights from session recordings and heatmaps) to share with your team

  • Get immediate user insights delivered right to your team via integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email

  • Invite and manage access levels based on responsibilities

4. Turn information into more revenue

These days, customers seek online brands and businesses that cater to their specific needs. And while they may not need (or want) insight into what goes on inside your organization, it’s always good to have someone advocate for your customers internally.

That’s why user research and testing should be ingrained in your company culture. Start by checking out Hotjar Engage, a user interviews tool with its own participant pool, to dig deeper into your audience’s motivations and learn something new about your ideal customer.

A simpler, smarter way to boost sales

User behavior data can be the foundation of many other decisions that impact your bottom line. Numbers won’t be enough to get your growth metrics where they should be—the quantitative needs to meet the qualitative for in-depth analysis to happen. 

Excited about the possibilities? We have so much more to show you. Access meaningful, actionable insights within a few clicks using Hotjar’s powerful tools and integrations.

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