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How re:member increased affiliate referral conversions by 43% with Hotjar

re:member is a trademark of Entercard, one of Scandinavia’s leading credit market companies. Read on to find out how re:member’s marketing team discovered and fixed issues negatively affecting the company’s bounce rates.

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Last updated

8 Jan 2024

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Features used



Image with quote: Hotjar enables us to see visually how users use our services and websites, and what key features aren't working as intended.

🏆 43% increase in conversions

Insights from Hotjar prompted the re:member team to redesign its credit card application form, resulting in a 43% increase in conversions from affiliate traffic and a 17% increase in conversions overall.

🛠 Tools and features

✏️ Tactics

Hotjar Recordings: for video-like playbacks of actions taken by individual users navigating a website or product

Observing user behavior on re:member’s credit card application form to find blockers preventing prospects from signing up

Hotjar Heatmaps: for an aggregate visualization of users’ clicks, scrolling behavior, and mouse movement

Viewing click maps of the application form to see if users were interacting with any unclickable elements

Filters in Hotjar: to home in on insights and shared behaviors from specific customer segments

Filtering recordings and heatmaps by referrer URL to see data from affiliate referrals

Google Analytics: to track website performance and gather quantitative customer insights

Discovering changes in user behavior, then investigating the ‘why’ behind them with Hotjar

A/B testing tools: for testing ideas and validating hypotheses

Comparing performance between re:member’s old and newly designed forms

If a user decided to leave the website, we’re able to see if maybe the location of important information was off the screen using Heatmaps. With click maps, we can see if users click on objects that aren’t meant to be clicked. But most importantly, Recordings allows us to see specific users anonymously, what went wrong, and when they had a hiccup.

Steffen Quistgaard
Senior Marketing Specialist, re:member

Problems identified

Data from traditional analytics tools like Google Analytics revealed exceptionally high bounce rates on re:member’s credit card application form, specifically from affiliate traffic. These users arrived on the application form directly from affiliate sites comparing credit cards, and should have been ready to convert.

An example of a Norwegian affiliate site promoting re:member’s credit card

Additionally, users who didn’t bounce would click away to re:member’s homepage rather than filling the form out.

Solutions implemented

When Google Analytics showed exceptionally high bounce rates from affiliate traffic landing on re:member’s credit card application form, Steffen and his team turned to Hotjar to figure out why. 

They filtered heatmaps and recordings data by referrer URL—the domain users visited before entering their application form. Hotjar insights from affiliate referrals revealed several shared behaviors among these users, which Steffen and his team used to make well-informed hypotheses:

  • Recordings showed users scrolling up and down the form without filling it out, indicating that they were searching for additional information

  • Recordings also showed users hovering over the form’s ‘benefits’ section, indicating high engagement and interest in this particular area

  • Click maps—a type of heatmap in Hotjar—showed users clicking on the unclickable ‘benefits’ section, seemingly trying to expand the bullet points to surface more details

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Steffen and his team used these insights to undergo a full redesign of re:member’s credit card application form that involved moving the benefits section to the top of the form and creating expandable fields with more information.

An A/B test of both versions revealed results beyond Steffen’s expectations: re:member’s conversion rate improved by 43% from affiliates, and 17% overall.

The increase in conversions, coupled with Hotjar’s visual insights, was enough to secure stakeholder buy-in for the redesign.

re:member increased conversions by 43%

re:member needed more than what their traditional analytics had to offer. By pairing Recordings with Heatmaps, they could understand why users were bouncing—and built a solution that increased conversions. 

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