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What your Net Promoter Score® means for your business 

Want to know how customers really feel about your product or brand? Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) helps you find out.

Net Promoter Score is a metric used to understand customer sentiment and predict business growth. Based on one simple survey question—"How likely are you to recommend this product/company to a friend or colleague?"—it provides instant insights about customer satisfaction, enabling you to identify trends in real time.

An NPS survey requires customers to give a numeric rating between 0 and 10, 0 being 'not at all likely' and 10 being 'extremely likely'. With help from our free NPS calculator, these survey answers are used to determine your score, giving you insight into where you stand with your customers.

Put a number on customer loyalty

Based on the score they give, survey respondents are grouped into three different categories:

Your NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of your detractors from the percentage of your promoters using a free NPS calculator like the one above. (Give it a go!)

3 key insights from our free NPS calculator

  1. 🤔 Understand the customer experience: your NPS score is directly linked to customer satisfaction (CSAT) and customer loyalty. A free NPS survey gives you a real-time pulse check on how satisfied people are with your user experience.

  2. 📈 Predict business growth—and obstacles: tons of promoters? Woohoo! But if the number of detractors outweighs the number of promoters, you may struggle with retention.

  3.  🛠 Improve the customer journey: dig into the reasons behind poor or average scores and identify opportunities to improve. Track your NPS over time to quantify the impact of your changes.  

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