A powerful way to understand
how people actually Created with Sketch. use your website

A website heatmap tool like Hotjar helps you see what people do on your website pages:
where they click, how far they scroll, what they look at or ignore.
229,510 organizations created 1,199,144 heatmaps with Hotjar in 2018

Heat map software helps you see what needs to be improved

Heat maps give you a color-coded representation of the website elements that get the most (hot) and least (cold) interacted with.

When you see what people are clicking on, scrolling through, or ignoring on individual pages, you form a clearer understanding of what to change, A/B test, and improve—so you can give your users the experience they deserve.


Optimize and refine your website

A heatmap helps you determine if people reach important content, follow the main links, buttons, and CTAs, and/or experience issues across devices while browsing your site. 

When you use heatmaps on business-critical pages (including your homepage, product and checkout pages), you make sure you are always creating a great experience for your users.


Protect your users' privacy

Hotjar Heatmaps collect anonymized user behavior data, so you get an overview of your visitor behavior while always protecting end-user privacy.

With on-page suppression activated, you can make sure no personally identifiable information is ever seen in your Heatmap reports.


More ways to understand your users

Heat maps tell the perfect visual story of what's happening on individual pages—but it doesn't end there. Heatmaps are one of 7 tools in Hotjar that work together to help you dig deeper into where and for how long people got stuck or confused, and get their in-the-moment feedback as they browse through your website. 

When you create a Hotjar account,
all 7 tools are immediately available to you.

In 2019, ~350k organizations created 1,715,313 heatmaps with Hotjar

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