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Best practices: marketers and product or website owners

Better hypotheses, better research, using one mental model - Ben Labay

Ben Labay from CXL shares his mental model for creating really strong hypotheses and research and testing.

What Ben covers:

  • The importance of identifying a value proposition that resonates with customers

  • Two practical ecommerce examples of relevant value props

  • How to understand the core motivating values for customers

  • How to create a leap from data → to information → to knowledge

A research process: so simple, and yet... - Aly Abel

Aly Abel from Moonpig believes that too many companies don’t bother defining or implementing a research process to ensure research informs design. What Aly covers:

  • What's the right way for research to inform decisions

  • How to explain the value of research and customer data to stakeholders

  • The 5 steps of the design-thinking process

  • An example of her ecommerce team's 12-month research roadmap