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Best practices: marketers and product or website owners

Last updated

14 Sep 2021

The one insight that changed my career – David Darmanin

David Darmanin, CEO at Hotjar, shares the one insight that completely changed his career in design and optimization.

What David covers:

  • His progression from small testing to truly unlocking impactful changes

  • Why not all users are made equal

  • The three types of users you should be aware of (Star Wars reference alert)

Why your customer satisfaction surveys are a lie - Els Aerts

Els Aert from AGConsult shares tips and examples of questions you should or should not ask if you want to get valid survey results.

What Els covers:

  • Questions that ask people to predict the future (when they obviously can't)

  • Leading questions that may influence survey results

  • Why questions biased towards the negative are useful

  • Why



    are always useful