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The beginner’s guide to website feedback with 10 practical use cases

User research

Last updated

18 Aug 2022

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“Website feedback widgets are an easy way to be constantly listening, and I think they are the ultimate empathy tool. When you connect them with tools that let you see how people interact with your website (for example: session recordings), you elevate your analysis to the next level.”
David Darmanin
CEO at Hotjar
“Research is a huge part of our success—it’s the bedrock of everything we do with our clients. We don’t guess what’s wrong with a web business. We find out. This is the job of our research department. The key question to address is ‘Why aren’t visitors converting?’ and we leave no stone unturned in finding the answer.”
Martin Stone
Head of Research, Conversion Rate Experts
"With all the changes said and done, we've cut our original error rate in four, which is huge.”
Kristina Wagner
Interaction Designer, Smallpdf
“The second people set up a landing page; I tell them to start running a feedback poll. People think they have to start A/B testing right away, but I say `No!’ Do your research first, and you’ll do better testing afterwards.”
Michael Aagaard
International Keynote Speaker and Conversion Optimizer

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