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How to do market research in 4 steps: a lean approach to marketing research


Last updated

23 Feb 2023

Research your market the lean way...

“Whoever gets closer to the customer wins.”
Bernadette Jiwa
Founder, The Right Company
“Data is really good for discovery and validation, but there is a bit in the middle where you have to go and find the human.”
Kristina Wagner
Interaction Designer at Smallpdf

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“For an interview, you will have somewhere between 30 and 60 notes, and those notes are usually direct phrases. And when you literally cut them up into separate pieces of paper and group them, they should make sense by themselves.”
Kristina Wagner
Interaction Designer at Smallpdf
“The only scripted question I want you to ask them is this one: take me back to the day when you first decided that you needed to solve this kind of problem or achieve this kind of a goal. Not to buy my product, that’s not the day. We want to go back to the day that when you thought it was urgent and compelling to go spend money to solve a particular problem or achieve a goal. Just tell me what happened.”
Adele Revella
CEO at Buyer Persona Institute
“I always have a last question, which is just open-ended: “Is there anything else you would like to tell me?” And sometimes, that’s where you get four paragraphs of amazing content that you would never have gotten if it was just a Net Promoter Score [survey] or something like that.”
Sarah Doody
Author of UX Notebook
"With all the changes said and done, we've cut our original error rate in four, which is huge. We increased our NPS by +1%, which isn't huge, but it means that of the users who received a file, they were still slightly happier than before, even if they didn't notice that anything special happened at all.”
Kristina Wagner
Interaction Designer at Smallpdf

Research your market the lean way...

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